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Their Well-being

Album name:Their Well-being
Singer:Fandy Su
Record company:Fandy Studio
Publish time:2017-12-20

Album introduction:

The soft guitar of section A is you, when you are lifting a ta by a friend, it is easy for you to lighten the wind;
The symphony of the B section Huihong is also you, the one who fills in a martini in the middle of the night and can't hide your heart.
Those who have cried and laughed and drunk, loved and hated, remembered many years later,
Time has smoothed out, and the rest is only grateful.
Just want to hear from you, saying that you are very good.
I am fine too.
We are like this, each is well,
It’s good to be a stranger who blesses each other.
Huanzi’s brand new original single “Everyone’s Good”, in this winter without hugs,
Take you to reconcile with the past, and bid farewell to the old man.

Track List(1)

  • 1.
    Fandy Su-Their Well-being

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