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Transition period

Album name:Transition period
Singer:Fandy Su
Record company:Fandy Studio
Publish time:2016-09-25

Album introduction:

The ups and downs of ups and downs constitute the beautiful wave of life in each of us. In the peak we enjoy the eye-catching appreciation, and in the plain we feel the true meaning of life. The transition period of each peak period is long or short, which makes us go deep and rich after the ups and downs. It is with such a normal heart that everyone is more calm and calm after the maturity. This is exactly the most realistic state of Huanzi in these years. Now he returns with the new album "Transition Period", and sings the soul depth of the insults with the man's gesture. The new album "Transitional Period" includes the first wave of the title song "Tear of Nothing" written by Huanzi in a major music platform, which has caused fans to pursue the enthusiasm of the fans, and praised constantly; on the occasion of the release of the new album, the fans Recommend his lyrics, "Good for the scars, forget the pain" and "Don't say goodbye", "The long-awaited" style of the temptation to try to connect with the momentum of the international pop music market, "Happy Scream" Quick song is also a new attempt. This is also the seventh personal creation album of Huanzi. It has the most familiar hoarse voice and the unique musical appeal. As the singer and producer of the album, in the production process of the "Transitional" album, Huanzi abandoned the business thinking and started from the deep thoughts, making the melody and lyrics natural. The lines between the lyrics of each song reveal the purity and simplicity of the people's hearts. And the treble of the singer is to inject a fresh vitality into the emotions of the music, and to move one by one, one by one, and the emotion is deep and the moment is leaping to the paper.

Track List(10)

  • 1.
    Fandy Su-Shred Commitment
  • 2.
    Fandy Su-Pain is forgotten where gain Follows
  • 3.
    Fandy Su-Should have Known
  • 4.
    Fandy Su-Happy Scream
  • 5.
    Fandy Su-It is Gone
  • 6.
    Fandy Su-points Destined
  • 7.
    Fandy Su-Don’t Say Goodbye
  • 8.
    Fandy Su-Love
  • 9.
    Fandy Su-Still can't let it Go
  • 10.
    Fandy Su-Hard to Love

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