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Fandy’s new song and Selection

Album name:Fandy’s new song and Selection
Singer:Fandy Su
Record company:Sea butterfly music
Publish time:2013-07-24

Album introduction:

After the fifth series, Huanzi launched a new album "Fandy" new song + selection named after its English name. A total of 3 new singles, "Why are you dragging", "The love you give me is still not there", "Heart" and "Reciprocal Concern", "I don't say anything", "Angel will cry" and many other famous works. Sure enough, he did not live up to his title of "Love Song Prince". But in the style of the song, Huanzi has a different breakthrough. The preferred main work, "The love you give me is still not there," is a chorus of dynamic dance style.
The new album was supervised by Huanzi, and the main song was "Song of Love You Are Still Alive" by Huanzi and Suo Kissing Times to promote the female singer Han Xiaoxun for the first time. The lyrics have written the most prone to love burnout of male and female friends who have been in love for a long time... The style of the song changes the tune of the sad love song of the past, and the melody of the light, naughty and lively movement gives a refreshing feeling. The MV has also found big-name film directors to tailor them for them. They have already completed the filming earlier and are now in the post-production stage. The heroine's selection is Han Xiaoxun, the female singer of the cable-sucking era.

Track List(11)

  • 1.
    Fandy Su-Mess
  • 2.
    Fandy Su-Why Delay
  • 3.
    Fandy Su-Is your love still There
  • 4.
    Fandy Su-Rink Hijinks
  • 5.
    Fandy Su-Focus on each Other
  • 6.
    Fandy Su-Words left Unsaid
  • 7.
    Fandy Su-Holding you also feel cold
  • 8.
    Fandy Su-Angels cry
  • 9.
    Fandy Su-The heart still Hurts
  • 10.
    Fandy Su-365 days of Missing
  • 11.
    Fandy Su-Accustomed to Single

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