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It is really Lonely

Album name:It is really Lonely

Singer:Fandy Su
Record company:Peacock record

Publish time:2009-11-06

Album introduction:

Huanzi’s new singer love song album was released in Asia on November 6th. The songs created this time are inspired by the creations of the Huanzi Tour, full of international music style and diversity. The style of the genre. What is more different is that this time the music can hear the true voice in the heart of Huanzi. Whether it is feelings, life, career, and expectation, reality and dreams, Huanzi is presented through music for the first time.
The genre of this album is not limited to a specific style, because it has already surpassed the framework of creation for Huanzi. The only thing facing the market is not the test of market spinning, but the infinite challenge to music. This time, he presented his original self in front of the fans, writing, writing, arranger, and playing in the songs, and even the mastering of the mastering process. It’s not clear how many hours of work, just buried in the song around the clock. In the production, Huanzi aims to sing the love song prince with all-round performance, and expresses the performance of the music beyond the full score, directly ranking the first in the mainland.
a song, a heart language, completely release the inflammatory emotions buried in the heart
"In fact, very lonely" is a very special song in the songs of Huanzi. He abandoned the creative methods of the school, and did not start from the music theory, but from the innermost thoughts, the melody and the lyrics. Tiancheng, in a short sentence, said the attitude towards emotions. The electronic sound effect is a love song, and the violin and guitar SOLO is a natural pen.
Continue the first album popular miracle, the eye is more open, more style
Since the launch of his debut album in 2008, Huanzi has been involved in the preparation of the new album for the new club. Although there has been no interruption in the work of advertising endorsements and concerts, Huanzi has been busy preparing for the second album. The songs of "The Stupid Love", "Forgive Me Once" and "Remembrance of the Past" on the debut albums have won impressive results in the rankings and in the market. In 2009, "The people who got you did not get you." The Heart is the singer style of the mature atmosphere of Huanzi. But for his new album, Huanzi still emphasizes the ability to maintain the edge while bravely breaking through. Under the guidance of the producer teacher, Huanzi added a little sensational mourning on the aria. It was a gentle singing method that he had not tried before, and his performance skills in the ending sound were different from before. The genre is even more popular between the popular love songs and the fashionable R&B, HIP-HOP and dance music.
Happy writing, emotional autobiographical music, sad love songs, writing 09, the most moving chapter
The new album is a musical declaration of the emotional autobiographical body. The exquisite emotions, inertia and occasional elaboration of the creative traits fully demonstrate the comprehension of Huanzi in different periods of life and the recollection of emotional poetry. He has never been a person who can express himself very much, but we can try thoroughly from "If you can touch you once more", "Why are you making promises to me", "What are we doing?", "Heartache 2009" Know his different inner feelings and the inner appearance of the sediment after one year.
Today, singing singer male singer and idol youth singer is endless. Huanzi still uses his unique voice to interpret his own views on life, love, and humanity, and express his sensibility with music. The main song "In fact, very lonely" is more and more charming because of the thickening of the experience of the joyful, especially his true interpretation, which shows that the man's sex is not only proportional to the age and the outside, but also closely related to the inner temperament. .
The sweetness of "Love, Shining Crystal", the madness of "Love to Madness", the heartbreak of "The Clouds That Cannot Be Separated from the Sky", "If You Can Move You Again", the "Midnight Men and Women" is obsessed... The whole album It is a one-time release of the emotional world of Huanzi. In the ups and downs of the melody, Huanzi sings the persistence and belief that a man does not want to give up or want to give up in a spiritual home that is gradually falling and ruined. In the song, it is like seeing every lonely soul living in the corner in the window of thousands of lights. The strong alienation in the modern city is coming, and the joyful people are counting behind the prosperous and busy society in the soothing melody. All kinds of nothingness and loneliness. The hustle and bustle of the hustle and bustle of the hustle and bustle tears out all kinds of bitterness, and there is the intoxicating taste. The melody of the melody chorus is like the sturdy feeling of the chaos of the heavens and the earth. The use of the piano's interlude, the continuation of emotions and the various loves and pains in it.
In such a happy and sorrowful age, let the songs of Huanzi accompany you to spend every moment you touched...
The main champion of the killing champion is:
"In fact, very lonely"
Huanzi comes from the lyrical masterpiece of the inner confession, the layers of singing are clearly layered, and the soul of the soul is very dramatic.
Heartache 2009
The melancholy love song that can't be heard in 2009 is a melodic melody that shines like a shining emotional note from the sky.
"Love, sparkling"
After the last "Never Separate", I once again held the hands of the same teacher, T.R.Y, Wang Xinxin, who broke the boundaries and constantly broke through the self. The sweet and sweet singing songs presented a pleasant and intriguing sense.
I Need You Come Back
Chinese and English mix and match to write a new chapter of Chinese style R&B romance. Huanzi surpasses the peak of previous love songs, covering a large number of piano and string soft and intertwined, adding melancholy temperament elements to romance, becoming the most original and trend-oriented music love song in Asia.
Midnight Men and Women
DANCE BALLAD's new masterpiece, the most eye-catching Chinese-style fashion hip-hop new work in 2009, has won the title of the popular pop dance champion in the Mainland, and the sexy index has soared.
"I don't want much"
For the first time, I tried Korean dance music. For the first time, I showed my fascinating dance skills. The full-fledged interpretation fully demonstrated the talent and efforts of Huanzi in dance.

Track List(11)

  • 1.
    Fandy Su-It is really Lonely
  • 2.
    Fandy Su-Clouds cannot leave the Sky
  • 3.
    Fandy Su-I Need You Come Back
  • 4.
    Fandy Su-VHeartache 2009
  • 5.
    Fandy Su-I don't want Much
  • 6.
    Fandy Su-Love is shining
  • 7.
    Fandy Su-If I could touch you one more Time
  • 8.
    Fandy Su-Why promise Me
  • 9.
    Fandy Su-Crazy in Love
  • 10.
    Fandy Su-What's wrong with Us
  • 11.
    Fandy Su-Midnight men and Women

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